Digital Camera Spotting Scopes: Capture the Best Digiscoping Images

Spotting Scope withe Digital CameraA digital camera spotting scope is a digital camera and spotting scope combined into one portable device. This advanced technology resolves the problem with a lot of digital spotting scopes existing in the market. The instrument allows users to capture the action closer than ever and also to see each moment in dazzling clarity. It is perfect for nature study, sporting events, bird watching, adventure travel, scenic views, surveillance, and lots of other things.

A digital camera spotting scope has a patented design that features a beam-splitter in the optical path, allowing users to see the image through the eye-piece when the shutter button is pressed. This device also allows the user to not only view objects at high-power, but also to simultaneously photograph them. More importantly, this instrument is easy to use and extremely reasonably priced.

A digital camera spotting scope enables the user to utilize the best in the field image. Some models are built with a two-element air spaced objective and an extra-low dispersion fluorite glass for best possible performance. This kind of glass allows the optical unit to almost eliminate false color fringing especially around bright objects. The result is superior resolution and higher contrast in the pictures, usually recommended for digiscoping. Most of these units feature a flip-up color LCD screen for sharp, clear imaging preview as well as user friendly menu buttons.

The magnification of a digital camera scope can range anywhere between 22x and 66x. Primarily there are two objective sizes available; 60-65mm and 77-82mm. The size of the objective lens determines how much optical light is gathered by the digital camera scope. Devices with bigger-sized objective lenses gather more light in the picture, and can rather offset the lower image quality produced by less-expensive digital camera scopes.

A high quality digital camera scope features the finest coating available. Multi-coated scopes are excellent and much better for users with a particularly sharp eye or individuals who are keen on digiscoping. This device also comes with high quality image enhancers to maximize the beauty of the captured object and always brings the best results. In addition, most of these devices have SD card storage capability that makes it possible to not only view, but also keep a visual record of adventures.

Other features evident in most high quality models include a rotatable tripod adapter, which fits automated mounts or typical photo tripods. A digital camera scope may feature a focus meter for nippy, sharp focus, dual-power for extensive field of view or high magnification and nonstop video capability. This device can also show the captured images on television or a video recording device through a video cable. Most of these scopes also come with a protective carrying case for storage and travel.

A digital camera spotting scope possesses some of the best technology that optics has to offer and allows users to enjoy a huge variety of photographic techniques. With these great features, this instrument can take pictures in amazing detail and is best for capturing a diversity of nature’s treasures, both big and small.


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